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Health and Human Services Commission

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 27/02/2009


The Integrated Care Management (ICM) program is for people living in the Dallas and Tarrant Medicaid Service Areas who are 65 or older or who have a disability. The program combines regular Medicaid services, such as doctor visits, with long-term services and supports, such as help in the home. This program was highlighted for using predictive modeling to identify a target population of beneficiaries who are likely to incur future high costs, and beneficiaries who are at high risk of developing a chronic illness or its complications, and/or who are at risk of incurring high costs in the future. This program was created to tackle the financial burden that patients suffering from multiple chronic conditions represent for the state of Texas.

Fragility, pluripathology/polipathology and/or complex chronic diseases



Integrated Care Management (ICM) Practice