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Integrated Care Management (ICM)

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 12/01/2009

UnitedHealth Group

Integrated Care Management (ICM) is innovative Texas Medicaid managed care program designed to address the complex care needs of people with disabilities or who are 65 or older. Specialized services, such as health-care coordination and long-term services and supports, will assist participants to perform their day-to-day activities. The ICM model will serve mainly adults who live in the Dallas and Tarrant service areas

Fragility, pluripathology/polipathology and/or complex chronic diseases

Goals Prevention:
Funding for detection programs , Promotes adecuate understanding levels on the community about the importance of prevention , Focuses on social inequalities
Goals Detection:
Promotes early intervention through primary health care measures
Goals Treatment:
Develop basic elements for an integrated health system , Provides support health policies to facilitate the planning and integration at locally and regionally , Strengthens cooperative local groups to provide integral services , It facilitates the management by processes , Emphasizes the care of pluri-pathological and fragile patients
Goals self-management:
Refocuses the health system to support self-management , Promotes patient involvement in planning services , Improving support services with an emphasis on peer support, the disabled and carers , Allows home care , Allows remote support to patients and their carers from health professionals







Brown-Heatly Building 4900 N. Lamar Blvd.

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