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Hospice Palliative Care Association of Prince Edward Island

Carmen Tamayo — 26/02/2009


‘Hospice’ volunteer support is focused on the individual and centres around their family and loved ones. This association seeks to address not only the physical needs but also the social, emotional and spiritual needs as well. Its members recognize dying as a natural process in the cycle of life. We seek to bring care, compassion, comfort and hope for a peaceful and pain-free death to individuals and families living with a life-threatening illness. They also accept the responsibility to advocate and educate on behalf of those they care for and serve. They embrace the intrinsic worth of each and every person and serve all without discrimination. They focus on quality of life and the desire that each person be allowed to journey toward death with meaning, hope and dignity. Following death, they offer bereavement support and ‘aftercare’ services to loved ones left behind. Furthermore, patients and their loved ones must be well-informed, active decision-making participants in their health care. They also must be prepared to advocate for the quality of life they need and deserve at their end of lives. If they cannot fulfill this role hospice volunteers are prepared to assist them to the extent of their wishes.



Prince Edward Island


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