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Home Care Program

ajadad Alex Jadad — 26/02/2009

The Home Care Program helps people remain in their homes when they are sick or in need of medical help or support with daily living activities. The program assists people to stay in their homes rather than going to a hospital or long term care facility which may not be located in their community. People can get help with services like: foot care home intravenous therapy home support nursing nutrition services palliative care rehabilitation respite care

Fragility, pluripathology/polipathology and/or complex chronic diseases, All

Goals Prevention:
Creates healthy environments , Promotes adecuate understanding levels on the community about the importance of prevention
Goals Treatment:
Improving access to health services across the entire spectrum, from prevention to treatment , Ensures the best quality of health services , Emphasizes the care of pluri-pathological and fragile patients
Goals self-management:
Refocuses the health system to support self-management , Allows home care , Allows remote support to patients and their carers from health professionals




Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories


X1A 2L9
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