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Palliative Home Care Drug Program

ajadad Alex Jadad — 27/02/2009

In May 2008 the Liberal Government, under Premier Robert Ghiz, announced the Palliative Home Care Drug Program. This program was designed to allow a person living with a terminal illness to stay at home during their final days. Only those without medical insurance coverage will qualify for this program. To qualify the patient must undergo an assessment by a qualified nurse from Home Care and Support. Minister Currie stated “the new program respects the dignity of the individual in the final stages of life.” This has been a huge issue on PEI as many wish to stay at home during the final stage of their illness, but without separate medical insurance coverage, cannot afford the necessary medications and supplies required to have quality end-of-life. After meeting eligibility requirements, the patient is registered with the Provincial Pharmacy but will receive their drugs and/or supplies from their local pharmacy. The only cost will be a small fee of two dollars per prescription.




Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island


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