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OPIMEC procesa y disemina a través de un mapa y de un directorio de organizaciones relacionadas con enfermedades crónicas complejas.


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Para que su organización aparezca en nuestra Web sólo tiene que registrarse.

To be deemed as innovative, an organization would need to meet at least four of the following criteria:

  • It focuses on complex cases of patients with more than one chronic condition
  • Also it meets at least three of the following criteria
  • Support for process-driven chronic disease management
  • Use of information and communication technologies during planning, coordination, implementation, and monitoring of activities related to CDM 
  • Conduct of systematic analyses of the impact of CDM initiatives at any level (e.g., clinical, financial, organizational or technological)  
  • Designation of at least one person to lead or promote activities related to CDM
  • Availability of teams of health professionals specialized in CDM 
  • Use of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to facilitate CDM