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National Association for the Treatment of Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency at Home

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 3/03/2008


The national French system for CRI patients, was proposed in a 1978 study written by Andre Ludot and established under his direction in 1980. The national organization was proposed as a way to observe the results (by establishing a national observatory), to establish more uniform services across the nation (through the development of additional regional associations), and to provide several cost-saving functions (such as mass purchasing of capital equipment). Leadership from the regional associations, including ALLP and Association d'Entraide des Polios et Handicapés, were instrumental in the founding of ANTADIR, which was intended to enhance the role of the regional associations by providing a national observatory. Today, data collection and reporting on population-based outcomes remain among the most important functions of ANTADIR.




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