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Institute of Medical Technologies and Health Management

editor Equipo editorial — 29/05/2009


The prime aim in the Institute's interdisciplinary work is to improve the quality of life of chronically ill patients by means of innovations and outstanding achievements in medical research and efficient deployment of resources in the health system.


A close cooperation of experts from a range of disciplines ? from medicine, medical engineering, nursing care, biology and (bio)chemistry, to information technology - unites well-founded biomedical engineering know-how with many years of experience in health management. This link of various areas of expertise enables the Institute to offer a comprehensive range of services to industry and science, public institutions, funding institutions, and representative bodies. The great practical orientation - half of the Institute is based at the Graz University Clinics - guarantees custom research and development work geared to day-to-day clinical activities, work tailored to the immediate needs of patients and all professionals involved in their care.



8010 Graz
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