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International Epidemiological Association

Vivian Vivian Benítez Hidalgo — 17/07/2013

Non profit

Council members should: -

  1. Promote epidemiology in their region.
  2. Keep contact with IEA members and other epidemiologists in their own country and region.
  3. Develop co-operation between national societies within the region and international societies and organisations with headquarters or regional offices within the region, particularly for the application, training and education in epidemiology.
  4. Assemble an informal database of established and younger expert epidemiologists in their country and region listing their skills, training and interests and possible availability for various activities. These individuals could be suggested to take part in various workshops, seminars, expert groups, or act as consultants when a request is received from a national or international organisation. This informal database supplemented by the recent survey of members’ interests and expertise would enable the IEA to supply epidemiologically skilled experts for WHO and other tasks related to planning, evaluation and training.
  5. During their period of office organise, start preparations for the organization or determine the possibility of holding a workshop, seminar or a regional scientific meeting within the region.
  6. Determine the support that exists for such a workshop at both national, regional and international level.
  7. Help the IEA in identifying and evaluating training possibilities in epidemiology.
  8. Keep the Executive Committee informed of trends in epidemiology and health decision making within their country and their region and provide the Executive Committee with annual reports of what can be done to forward the cause of epidemiology.
  9. Attract and identify younger epidemiologists of promise who can play a role within the Association at both national and international levels, particularly in relation to the database mentioned above.
  10. Assist the Editor of the International Journal of Epidemiology in the identification, selection and review of appropriate papers for publication.
  11. Assist in obtaining funds for the work of the IEA specifically to promote international and regional activities. As part of this – seek for funds to support their own participation at IEA meetings – identify sources for funds that would enable younger epidemiologists to attend IEA meetings, in particular the International Scientific Meetings.