C3 Collaborating for Health

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C3 Collaborating for Health recognises health as being about more than health care. There are many different things that we do every day that have an impact upon our long-term health and well-being. We can all make changes to our lifestyles, but we may need assistance if these changes are to be sustainable: the environment in which we live and work may not encourage healthy choices, and health messages can be inconsistent and hard to follow. C3 brings together policy-makers, businesses, government, teachers, health experts, young professionals, academics and others to design ways to make it easier to be healthy, and to put these ideas into action. Working together can achieve more than is possible when acting as individuals or individual organisations. Tackling the three major risk factors – tobacco use, poor diet and lack of physical activity – can prevent the majority of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, many cancers and chronic lung disease. These diseases are responsible for the majority of premature deaths and disease throughout the world, but are often under-reported, under-acknowledged and under-funded.

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