Global views on potential of mobile health solutions to address chronic disease challenges

Vivian Vivian Benítez Hidalgo última modificación 25/06/2013 10:03

Mobile Health refers to the use of mobile communication and devices for providing healthcare services for patients, healthcare professionals and carers. In this white paper, are discussed some of the results from a large multi-country enduser survey of HCPs, patients with chronic disease (diabetes and cardiovascular disease) and general wellness consumers (adults with a high level of interest in health and wellness who do not suffer from a chronic health issue). This research was commissioned by the GSMA, a global organisation that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. The research findings make interesting reading for regulators around the world trying to make sensible, cost effective and equitable decisions on healthcare. Furthermore, this research, together with other recent research into mHealth solutions, emphasises the opportunities that mHealth can offer regulators to address many of today’s health challenges.

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