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Securing Europe´s Healthcare Future:Chronic Disease Management and Health Technology Assessment: Second Report

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Chronic disease is the leading cause of mortality and illness in Europe today, a cause that on current projections is set to get worse in the coming decades. It has been estimated that in 2005 77% of all Disability-Adjusted-Life-Years, measuring the consequences of chronic illness, and 86% of premature deaths in the World Health Organisation European region are related to non-communicable diseases. Our report evaluates the present situation and proposes steps for future policy directions. While many chronic diseases are related to ageing they are by no means confined to the elderly. Lifestyle choices such as tobacco and alcohol consumption and abuse, sexual behaviour, diet and exercise all confirm that high income countries are paying for the excesses of the downside of the affluent society. The term ‘high income country’ masks a wide diversity of personal and household income and employment circumstances. The evidence reveals that the poor carry a higher burden of chronic disease than the rich in high income economies. Affluence clearly has its counterpart of affluenza.



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