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The HHS Strategic Framework on multiple chronic conditions: genesis and focus on research

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 10/02/2014 11:51

Among the 21st century’s major emerging health issues, one of the most critical is the increasing prevalence of individuals with comorbidities, or multiple chronic conditions (MCCs), and the myriad challenges this poses for public health, healthcare, social services, and other sectors.

Parekh AK, Goodman RA. The HHS Strategic Framework on multiple chronic conditions: genesis and focus on research. Journal of Comorbidity. 2013;3(2):22-29. Available at: http://www.jcomorbidity.com/index.php/test/article/view/20

Satariano WA, Boyd CM. Improving the evidence base on multimorbidities through better research: a commentary on the U.S. HHS initiative, Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Strategic Framework. Journal of Comorbidity. 2013;3(2):18–21. - See more at: http://www.opimec.org/documentacion/3397/improving-the-evidence-base-on-multimorbidities-through-better-research-a-commentary-on-the-us-hhs-initiative-multiple-chronic-conditions-a-strategic-framework/#sthash.ydFXdlcu.dpuf



Given the increasing prevalence of individuals with MCCs and the paramount role of MCCs as a healthcare cost driver, in 2008 the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) launched an initiative to strengthen efforts by the HHS to address the effects of MCCs on health status, quality of life, and cost. In this paper, we first provide an overview of the HHS initiative with a particular focus on the approach used in developing the initiative’s centerpiece, the HHS Strategic Framework on Multiple Chronic Conditions; we next describe progress in implementing one of the framework’s four major goal areas (Goal 4) on facilitating research to fill knowledge gaps about, and interventions and systems to benefit, individuals with MCCs; and we conclude by suggesting additional potential priorities for research on MCCs. Although considerable research on MCCs has been reported over the past decade, the HHS Strategic Framework’s goal on research provides a set of priority areas and a plan for systematically strengthening the evidence and information foundation necessary to address the challenges of MCCs in the USA. More broadly, the Strategic Framework provides a roadmap to help improve coordination between HHS operating divisions and enhance collaboration with external stakeholders to improve the quality of life for those with MCCs.

Parekh AK, Goodman RA.

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