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Information Visualization for Chronic Patient’s Data

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 28/11/2013 10:13

Medical data are generated in large quantities every day. There are many aspects to medical data, including clinical information, administration data, and time granularity, and the number of chronic disease patients increases yearly.

Toyoda S, Niki N. Information Visualization for Chronic Patient’s Data. Information Search, Integration and Personalization Communications in Computer and Information Science. 2013; 146:81-90. Available at: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-40140-4_9



However, clinicians have limited time to review and process patient data. Information visualization is therefore required for the efficient management and utilization of the data. The management of chronic disease requires information technology if it is to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. In this paper, we consider the visualization of medical data, focusing on the diversity of medical data and chronic disease care.

Toyoda S, Niki N.