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Position paper: Organisation of care for chronic patients in Belgium

Vivian Vivian Benítez Hidalgo last modified 23/04/2013 18:20

This programme mainly focuses on five objectives: • Improving the information for chronic patients and streamlining of administrative procedures to improve the access to the existing benefits and measures; • Alleviating the financial burden for the chronically ill through a series of regulatory measures; • Improving the day-to-day situation in terms of access to and quality of care for a long list of disease-specific target groups;. • Addressing the needs of patients with rare diseases; • Initiating the setup of the Observatory for Chronic Diseases. This position paper also mentions financial accessibility, administrative simplification and rare diseases but it will not go too closely into these matters as they have been addressed in the above mentioned plan

Paulus D, Van den Heede K, Mertens R. Position paper: Organisation of care for chronic patients in Belgium. Available: https://kce.fgov.be/sites/default/files/page_documents/KCE_190C_organisation_care_chronic_patients_Position%20Paper.pdf



Dominique Paulus, Koen Van Den Heede, Raf Mertens