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Identification of Patients Likely to Benefit From Care Management Programs

Vivian Vivian Benítez Hidalgo last modified 23/04/2013 17:49

Care management programs are seen as an effective approach to meet the challenge of increasing numbers of patients with complex care needs. Targeting these programs to patients with multiple chronic conditions and at high risk for cost-intensive care offers the greatest opportunities for improving quality of care and reducing healthcare costs. Because care management programs require allocation of restricted human and financial resources, the targeted population should be not only cost-intensive but also “care sensitive.” Care sensitivity implies 2 dimensions. First, patients have to be approachable (ie, willing and able to participate in intensified care programs). Second, their clinical needs have to be actionable (ie, care programs should be able to mitigate their needs). Therefore, practicable tools are needed to screen patient populations for “high-risk” and care-sensitive individuals.

Freund T, Mahler C, Erler A, Gensichen J, Ose D, Szecsenyi J, Peters-Klimm F. Identification of patients likely to benefit from care management programs. Am J Manag Care. 2011 May;17(5):345-52.




Tobias Freund, MD; Cornelia Mahler, MA, RN, PhD; Antje Erler, MD, MPH; Jochen Gensichen, MD, MA, MPH; Dominik Ose, DrPH, MPH; Joachim Szecsenyi, MD, MSc; and Frank Peters-Klimm, MD