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Countering non-communicable disease through innovation

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 26/09/2012 12:30

Report of the Non-Communicable Disease Working Group 2012 of the Global Health Policy Summit.

Smith R, Corrigan P, Exeter C. Countering non-communicable disease through innovation. London: Global Health Policy Summit; 2012: Available at: http://www.globalhealthpolicyforum.org/docs/GHPS_NCD_Report.pdf



This report, after briefly surveying the extent of the problem and the inadequacy of current approaches, describes a dozen innovations, and then discusses how those innovations might be diffused through health systems. The innovations will have impact only if implemented on a large scale, and the diffusion of innovations is often a more difficult problem than the initial development of them.

Smith R, Corrigan P, Exeter C.

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