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Measuring organizational readiness for knowledge translation in chronic care

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 27/09/2011 14:07

Knowledge translation (KT) is an imperative in order to implement research-based and contextualized practices that can answer the numerous challenges of complex health problems.

Gagnon MP, Labarthe J, Legare F, Ouimet M, Estabrooks Ca, Roch G, Ghandor EK, Grimshaw J. Measuring organizational readiness for knowledge translation in chronic care. Implementation Science. 2011; 6(72). Available at: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3158542/?tool=pubmed



The Chronic Care Model (CCM) provides a conceptual framework to guide the implementation process in chronic care. Yet, organizations aiming to improve chronic care require an adequate level of organizational readiness (OR) for KT. Available instruments on organizational readiness for change (ORC) have shown limited validity, and are not tailored or adapted to specific phases of the knowledge-to-action (KTA) process. We aim to develop an evidence-based, comprehensive, and valid instrument to measure OR for KT in healthcare. The OR for KT instrument will be based on core concepts retrieved from existing literature and validated by a Delphi study. We will specifically test the instrument in chronic care that is of an increasing importance for the health system.


Phase one: We will conduct a systematic review of the theories and instruments assessing ORC in healthcare. The retained theoretical information will be synthesized in a conceptual map. A bibliography and database of ORC instruments will be prepared after appraisal of their psychometric properties according to the standards for educational and psychological testing. An online Delphi study will be carried out among decision makers and knowledge users across Canada to assess the importance of these concepts and measures at different steps in the KTA process in chronic care.
Phase two: A final OR for KT instrument will be developed and validated both in French and in English and tested in chronic disease management to measure OR for KT regarding the adoption of comprehensive, patient-centered, and system-based CCMs.


This study provides a comprehensive synthesis of current knowledge on explanatory models and instruments assessing OR for KT. Moreover, this project aims to create more consensus on the theoretical underpinnings and the instrumentation of OR for KT in chronic care. The final product-a comprehensive and valid OR for KT instrument-will provide the chronic care settings with an instrument to assess their readiness to implement evidence-based chronic care.

Gagnon MP, Labarthe J, Legare F, Ouimet M, Estabrooks Ca, Roch G, Ghandor EK, Grimshaw J.