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Unidad de Especialidades Médicas en Enfermedades Crónicas (Uneme-EC) de la colonia Volcanes

editor Equipo editorial — 9/07/2009

Servicios de Salud de Oaxaca (SSO)

La unidad brinda atención gratuita a enfermedades crónicas de los Servicios de Salud de Oaxaca (SSO).


Goals Prevention:
Focuses on social inequalities , Promotes adecuate understanding levels on the community about the importance of prevention , Promotes health and wellbeing in schools and early years , Creates healthy environments , Funding for detection programs
Goals Detection:
Promotes early intervention through primary health care measures , Provides registries and patients contact systems , Shows new evidence on the importance of early detection, including guidelines of effective practices , Advances public education on the importance of early detection
Goals Treatment:
Develop basic elements for an integrated health system , Provides support health policies to facilitate the planning and integration at locally and regionally , Strengthens cooperative local groups to provide integral services , Emphasizes the care of pluri-pathological and fragile patients
Goals self-management:
Refocuses the health system to support self-management








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