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Heart Disease Support Groups

ajadad Alex Jadad — 27/02/2009

Heart and Stroke Foundation (Saskatchewan)

Cardiac Support groups offer encouragement and support to people and their families following a heart attack, heart surgery or the diagnosis of a cardiac condition. The groups below are active and invite anyone affected by heart disease to join in. If you belong to a Cardiac Support Group and would like to have your information posted here, please send information to newellh@hsf.sk.ca Heart to Heart™ is helpful to anyone who has had a heart attack, heart surgery or is suffering from angina - or anyone caring for someone who has had these. Programs and Groups in each Health Region: Cypress Health Region Five Hills Health Region Heartland Health Region Kelsey Trail Health Region Prairie North Health Region Prince Albert Parkland Health Region Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region Saskatoon Health Region Sun Country Health Region Sunrise Health Region

Heart failure





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