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The South Dakota Geriatric Forum

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 12/01/2009

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The vast majority of South Dakota's elderly depend on rural health care providers and rural nursing homes for their health care needs. While these professionals are expected to provide a high standard of care in geriatrics, many find it difficult to obtain up-to-date continuing education in such isolated rural areas. The South Dakota Geriatric Forum was developed in response to the great need for quality geriatric education in the state's rural and frontier regions. The South Dakota Geriatric Forum produces one-hour geriatric education programs for health care professionals and broadcasts them monthly throughout the state. Programs are shown on the Rural Development Telecommunications Network (RDTN), which allows for two-way audiovisual communication with 12 different sites in the state.

Fragility, pluripathology/polipathology and/or complex chronic diseases, All

Goals Prevention:
Focuses on social inequalities
Goals Detection:
Promotes early intervention through primary health care measures , Provides registries and patients contact systems , Advances public education on the importance of early detection
Goals Treatment:
Develop basic elements for an integrated health system , Provides support health policies to facilitate the planning and integration at locally and regionally , Emphasizes the care of pluri-pathological and fragile patients
Goals self-management:
Refocuses the health system to support self-management , Promotes patient involvement in planning services




South Dakota

South Dakota

Rapid City

3625 Fifth Street, Suite 200 Rapid City, SD 57701
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