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Agnes: Successful Ageing in a Networked Society

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados — 18/05/2012

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AGNES focuses on improving the mental and physical wellbeing of elderly people living alone at home, who often suffer the effects of social and physical isolation - including cognitive decline, low activity levels and poor mood states.


Goals Prevention:
Creates healthy environments , Focuses on social inequalities
Goals Detection:
Promotes early intervention through primary health care measures , Provides registries and patients contact systems
Goals Treatment:
Develop basic elements for an integrated health system , Ensures the best quality of health services , Promotes the appropriate use of medicines , It facilitates the management by processes , Emphasizes the care of pluri-pathological and fragile patients , Promotes electronic health information systems to improve the quality of care
Goals self-management:
Refocuses the health system to support self-management , Promotes patient involvement in planning services , Improving support services with an emphasis on peer support, the disabled and carers , Allows home care , Allows remote support to patients and their carers from health professionals

AGNES will carry out novel technological interventions in an area that is emerging as the new frontier in ageing research. The project will use scientifically-based knowledge on ageing and innovative technology to intervene in the lives of target users in specific and carefully selected ways, and the effects of these interventions on cognitive functioning and quality of life will be evaluated, going beyond the existing state of the art. The results will provide significant new knowledge on the potential of new information technologies to delay, help deal with, and even prevent common chronic problems experienced by the elderly population.





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