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Compliance and effectiveness in HF and CHD closed-loop management (HeartCycle)

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados — 12/05/2011


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HeartCycle will provide a closed-loop disease management solution being able to serve both Heart Failure (HF) patients and Chronic Heart Disease (CHD) patients, including possible co-morbidities hypertension, diabetes and arrhythmias. This will be achieved by multi-parametric monitoring and analysis of vital signs and other measurements.

Heart failure

Goals Prevention:
Creates healthy environments , Promotes health and wellbeing in schools and early years , Promotes adecuate understanding levels on the community about the importance of prevention
Goals Detection:
Promotes early intervention through primary health care measures , Shows new evidence on the importance of early detection, including guidelines of effective practices
Goals Treatment:
Promotes the appropriate use of medicines , Promotes the training of health professionals , It facilitates the management by processes , Emphasizes the care of pluri-pathological and fragile patients , Promotes electronic health information systems to improve the quality of care

HeartCycle aims to improve the quality of life for patients with coronary heart disease or heart failure by monitoring their condition and involving them in the daily management of their disease as well as by developing mechanisms to automatically report relevant monitoring data back to clinicians so that they can prescribe personalized therapies and lifestyle recommendations.

To this end, HeartCycle will develop:

  • An integrated care system for cardiovascular disease management linking health status monitoring, motivation and treatment assistance at home with the professional care platform.
  • A closed-loop treatment system, empowering the patient, and giving motivating feedback to show the importance of working with the treatment program.
  • A tool for Health status Assessment for Patients at Home by integrating easy to use sensors for vital body sign measurement and feature extraction algorithms.
  • Methods that provide accurate daily measurements related to medication and lifestyle effectiveness. This information will be integrated into the decision support system to warn the professional of unfavourable trends, and possible problems, enabling appropriate updating of the patient care plan. The system will also give feedback to the patient to inform him of his health progression, and enable a more optimal lifestyle management.
  • A personalised complete care system, integrating care at home with professional care in the hospital. The HeartCycle system consists of two loops. An inner home-based loop directly interacts with the patient in his daily life, giving feedback, motivation and help, and an outer loop involves medical professionals, maintaining a personalised care plan for optimal therapy.






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