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Summer Institute for Rural and Environmental Health

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 2/04/2008

This is a program developed in collaboration with The University of Iowa. Together they conduct a 2-week Summer Institute in Trnava, Slovakia, as part of a Fogarty International. Targeted at young Public Health professionals in the Central and Eastern European region, the program refreshes participants' knowledge, exposes them to new information and ideas, and provides networking opportunities for colleagues and collaborators from neighboring countries. Instructors include institutional collaborators, US-trained Fogarty scholars, and regional experts. In addition to traditional teaching methods (presentations, field trips, problem solving, and open discussions) high-tech, cost-saving distance learning methods have included live, interactive internet-based video originating from Iowa as well as “virtual classroom” technology using low-bandwidth 2-way audio with text messaging and application sharing. These technologies allow a greater number of instructors to be involved without expensive travel costs. The program also uses new technologies during an “electronic” portion of the Summer Institute in which participants log on from their home institution for 5 weekly presentations that introduce topics to be covered more deeply during one week on-site in Trnava. The program is increasing in reputation and averages 40-50 participants each summer from as many as 15 different countries.




Trnava District


Trnava University, Fakulty of Public Health,and Social Care, Univerzitne nam 1, 918 4



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