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Lithuanian Cancer Registry

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 2/04/2008

Lithuanian Cancer Society

The registration of cancer incidence in Lithuania started in 1957. Department of Epidemiology of the institute of Oncology was responsible for collection, statistical and epidemiological interpretation of data. The data covering the all country are available from 1964. The Cancer Registry as separate department of oncology center started in 1990. It becomes a member of International Association of Can–cer Registries in 1993. The main purposes of registry now are to collect data about all new cancer cases and death from cancer in Lithuania, describe the distribution, to start the examination of the survival of cancer patients and participate in the cancer control programs. This Registry is a good example of a national effort to generate data from the entire population about cancer. It includes all citizens of the Republic of Lithuania (3.48 million at the 2001 census) and is located at the national cancer center operating as Vilnius University Institute of Oncology, where more that 50% of cancer patients in Lithuania are admitted for treatment. The main sources of data are notifications gathered from all hospitals and diagnostic centers in Lithuania. This information is completed by death certificates stating cancer diagnosis, and by notifications from regional health centers.

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