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Center for Health Promotion

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 2/04/2008

Sutter Care Coordination Program

The Center for Health Promotion was founded in response to the Ottawa Charter, EU public health directives and WHO recommendations. It designs national health promotion strategies and programs, and to advocacy for health. Its long-term aim is to decrease social and individual burden of disease, reduce health inequalities, improve health of the population in general, and increase quality of life and productivity for the population. Most of its efforts are preventive and focused on children and adolescents. They target major health problems such as injuries, alcohol abuse, nutrition and physical activity, reproductive and mental health. Since 1992, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Slovenia, the Center has coordinated and supported the national network of the European Network of Health Promoting Schools, involving 130 Slovenian schools, offering these institutions the opportunity to develop a holistic approach to health. For this work, it received a WHO award in 1998.





Central Slovenia
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