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Poland: Mind Your Heart

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 2/04/2008

Polish Cardiac Society

This is an interesting example of cross-sector and cross-agency collaboration to promote preventive efforts. Poland has been celebrating World Heart Day from its very beginning. They have learnt that to be visible, their events must reach a certain critical mass to become attractive for the media. Therefore, since 2002, the Polish Cardiac Society (PCS) organized a major central event involving sponsors and applying for collaboration of major public TV outlets. Activities include presentations by heart health experts, artists, sportsmen and politicians. The Polish Forum for Prevention of cardiovascular diseases was also heavily involved. The latter includes the 7 main scientific societies working in this particular field and now - thanks to the Forum - coordinating their activities. In 2005, there was a Walkathon to raise funds for publicly available defibrillators.

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