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POLYCARE project aims to develop integrated home care model for older chronic patients

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 16/06/2016 12:53

Description by the original source: Fraunhofer FIT in St. Augustin and the University Hospital of Bonn are among the partners in the new European POLYCARE project, which is developing an integrated care system that will improve the care of chronic patients at home. The University Hospital of Bonn will be one of three pilot sites for the project.

The POLYCARE project, which started recently, aims to develop and test an integrated care model that is patient-centered and supported by advanced ICT systems and services that allow monitoring and caring for older chronic patients in acute phases at home.

One important element of the project is to develop a monitoring system that will capture the patients' vital parameters without interfering with their everyday lives. Customisable apps that take into account the usability needs of older persons will support patients in their individual health management. Our services will improve how patients, relatives and friends on the one hand, and physicians and nurses on the other hand, work together. Furthermore, special training programs for the medical staff will be designed to make sure that the new systems are well received and utilized.




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