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UCSD Patient Safety Conference

editor Equipo editorial last modified 24/11/2010 15:31

This year's UCSD Patient Safety conference examines the progress made in preventing patient harm during the ten years following the Institute of Medicine's Report To Err is Human. We are looking to improve the safety of our patients through crew resource management, information systems, resuscitation training and proven prevention strategies. In addition, our speakers will discuss state-of-the-art ideas on other patient safety risks and translate these ideas into actions our providers can take to a local level to make patients safer across the continuum. They will provide us tools to improve teamwork, communication and increase the reliability of our care processes.

Target Audience

This conference is intended for physicians, pharmacists, nurses, therapists, technologists, clinical leaders and other health providers who are committed to improving patient safety.


Upon completion of this activity, the participant should be able to:

  • Describe the patient safety culture at the UCSD Medical Center and at least three ways to improve it
  • Employ practical tools to improve communication and the overall reliability of health care teams
  • Communicate within our teams and with other departments to improve patient safety
  • Describe the impact of improvements implemented in the last decade
  • Integrate a culture of continuous quality improvement into our business model as a competitive advantage
  • Create organizational change and weave quality and patient safety improvement into the fabric of our daily work
  • Identify the role of transformational leadership in ensuring a culture of safety
  • Gain greater understanding of the evolving science of patient safety 

10/11/2009 00:00

10/11/2009 00:00

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