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The 21st Conference of the Society for Medical Innovation and Technology

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You are invited to an amazing conference on High-Tech in Medicine. Join in this opportunity to touch the Future of Medicine at the first visit of SMIT in the Eastern-European area.


Wickham Lecture: Sir Alfred Cuschieri

Special Lectures:

Special Lecture 1: Fostering the Adoption of Innovations: Overcoming People’s Resistance to Change
Invited Speaker: Hilliard Jason, MD, EdD
Clinical Professor, Family Medicine, University of Colorado

Special Lecture 2 : Robotic Surgery
Invited Speaker: Richard Satava,
Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle

Special Lecture 3: Learning Advanced Surgery: Is It  Like Learning to Ride A Bicycle?
Invited Speaker: Paul Wetter,
Chairman of Society for Laparoscopic Surgeons from America

Special Lecture 4: Origins of Endovascular Surgery in Romania
Invited Speaker: Dracula
Chairman: Harald Fisher

Special Lecture 5: Transluminal laparoscopic surgery. Better flexible oder rigid?
Invited Speaker: Gerhard Buess

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9/10/2009 00:00



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