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Call for Proposals on: Chronic Disease Management in Latin America and Caribbean

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“……The overall objective of this Research Network Project is to provide documentation and evidence to encourage adoption of likely-effective interventions to prevent and manage chronic conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean, answering the policy question of how (well) different health systems in the region deliver likely effective interventions to prevent and manage chronic conditions. It is hoped that this evidence will contribute to a strategic shift in the thinking of health decision makers in the region (e.g. ministries of health, finance and economic development, academia, health practitioners) toward more effective public policies in the control of chronic disease.

“….To achieve this objective this Research Network Project will finance up to four (4) studies that will examine and – where possible- evaluate the effectiveness of innovative public policies aimed to control chronic disease in different health system contexts.

Each approved research proposal will receive financial support up to US$25,000, depending on the scope of the work proposed.

Final papers will be considered for dissemination as IDB working papers and may be included in a book or a special journal issue on chronic disease management in LAC. For studies with only IDB funding, other forms of dissemination or publication should be explicitly approved by the coordinators until the journal issue option has been fully defined. Proposals may include suggestions for further dissemination of the final version of the paper and its policy implications….”

Research institutions or individual researchers should submit proposals via e-mail to health@iadb.org

Questions should be directed to the same address.

IDB Research: http://www.iadb.org/research/

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