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VI Annual Meeting HTAi: Globalisation and Health Technology Assessment

editor Equipo editorial last modified 3/10/2011 12:46

The 6th Annual Meeting will focus on how globalisation will impact on the field of HTA, how HTA should develop to meet the needs of different parts of the world, and how HTAi will adapt to its role as a global organisation.

Sub-themes corresponding to the three plenary sessions have been identified:

    * Globalisation and HTA - discussing the impact of globalisation on the field of HTA
    * Globalisation of HTA - discussing the globalisation of HTA methods and products
    * Globalisation of HTAi - discussing HTAi as a global organisation and how it can be relevant to regions around the world, particularly Asia


21/06/2009 00:00

24/06/2009 00:00




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