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Aging Healt Workforce-Aging Patients: Multiple Challenges for Hospitals in Europe

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 19/04/2012 13:04

Hospage from 11 to 13 June 2012 in Berlin: Aging Challenges for Hospitals in Europe, multiple challenges for Hospitals in Europe. Under the patronage of: Mr John Dalli (Member of the Europena Commission and Mr Daniel Bahr (Federal Minister for Health of Germany)

“HOSPAGE” is a two days conference, organised by the German Hospital Federation, which is dealing with the major challenge for the healthcare systems of EU Member States: the aging of patients and of health workforce. The objective of the conference is to discuss the new needs which are created by elderly growing health workforce and patients. At the same opportunity concrete practical solutions for hospitals to react on the changing needs will be discussed. The purpose of the conference is to enable stakeholder organisations and EU Member States to better react on the new challenges imposed by the demographic change in Europe.


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