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12th Congress of the European Association for Palliative Care

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 24/11/2010 12:04

Palliative care has predominantly been focused on patients with cancer in the past and the Congress aims to reach out to other patient groups, and the specialists involved in their care. We are all facing the challenge across Europe of the change in demographics, with an increase in the elderly and particularly those with dementia. These changes bear a challenge to health care systems in all European countries. Although not all elderly people, or even those with dementia, require palliative care there will be increasing demands as many will have more complex physical, psychosocial or spiritual issues which could benefit from specialist palliative care.

The programme will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about new developments – in symptom management, psychosocial care as well as spiritual and ethical issues. As in previous congresses, a major part of the congress will be based on contributions from the participants, giving voice and focus to the problems in the field and the newest research results.


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Heidi Blumhuber

Chapter 7: Supportive and palliative care Collaborative document
Supportive and palliative care