Center for Innovation in Complex Care (CICC)

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados — 23/09/2014


The Centre for Innovation in Complex Care (CICC) is dedicated to studying how to improve the entire process of care for patients with multiple problems. Its purpose is to engage our patients and clinicians to identify problems with current healthcare practices and develop solutions for addressing them. Innovative research and evaluation in a real clinical environment will allow our clinicians to utilize the latest technology to improve patient care. Key linkages with groups such as the Ministry of Health and the SIMS Partnership will ensure patients from across the city and the province will benefit from the innovative research conducted through the CICC.

Fragilidad, pluripatología o polipatología y/o enfermedades crónicas complejas, Todas


Improving global healthcare through innovation and the dissemination of new best practices.


The Centre for Innovation in Complex Care (CICC) pioneers new solutions for problems in complex health care that enrich the quality of care and the experiences of both the patients and care providers.

Core Values

  1. The CICC embraces an interprofessional model and welcomes diverse people, diverse thinking, and different perspectives in solving problems.
  2. We are committed to collaboration and fostering an environment that enables different groups to work together, which is paramount in facilitating successful interprofessionalism.
  3. As a group we are accountable to ourselves and to each other. We embrace both success and failure as learning opportunities and believe that this process is necessary for innovation and learning.
  4. Everything has the potential to be changed for the better.
  5. We do not believe in impossibilities, but rather in identifying barriers that can be removed to reveal new opportunities.

Pyramid of Innovation


Disseminate the innovation into the market place and capture the value for society, the CICC, and/or the innovating team.

Create a Program

Develop a program that can be implemented or expanded by other teams to drive large scale systems improvement.

Evaluate the Project

Test, validate and evaluate the project to provide evidence and the rational adoption of new processes or models.

Implement a Pilot Project

Implement a project on a small scale to gain an understanding of the barriers moving forward and develop an initial structure for system enhancement.

Understand the Issue & Create a Project

Develop new understanding in order to disseminate new knowledge to improve processes with the goal of developing an intervention to change the existing system.





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