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General Information

The information provided on OPIMEC are illustrative only, and not give rise to rights or future entitlements.

This site has been designed for easy reference by all users in any browser or device with Internet connection, but it is recommended to use the browsers Firefox or Internet Explorer 7, to download the latest versions please go to Firefox and Internet Explorer Website.

Minimum screen resolution for proper display should be 1024x768.

The Web site OPIMEC in some cases requires that JavaScript is enabled in your browser, also requires the Adobe Flash Player to see the presentation which can be found in OPIMEC flash presentation.

To download some of the documents you need Adobe Reader which can be found on the website of Adobe, there are also documents in standard formats of Office that only works if you have installed the specific programs.

The information provided in the Observatory of Innovative Practices for Complex Chronic Diseases Management has been raised to support, not replace, the direct relationship to the patients / visitors of this website and your doctor if you have health problems, consult your doctor.

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