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Invitation to provide input to the EU Chronic Disease reflection process

dianagosalvez Diana Gosálvez Prados last modified 23/03/2012 10:45

This document has been prepared to request an initial input from stakeholders to the EU Reflection Process on Chronic Disease which is being carried out by EU Member States and the European Commission.

Reflexiones de la UE en Enfermedades Crónicas. Bruselas: Comisión Europea; 2012: Disponible en: http://ec.europa.eu/health/major_chronic_diseases/docs/eu_reflection_cd_questionnaire_032012_en.pdf



The intention is to launch a further, targeted discussion with key stakeholders involved in
European work with the European Commission in the areas of chronic disease and related
issues in due course.

Those interested in participating should send the questionnaire to the address

sanco-chronic-diseasereflection@ec.europa.eu  before April 15th.

Comisión Europea

European Commission Organization