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National Guidelines for Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Type 2 Diabetes

jessievenegas Jessie Venegas — 2/04/2008

Latvian Diabetes Association

These guidelines were released on August 29, 2007 and provide an example of national dissemination of knowledge. The release took place at a conference attended by about 450 health care professionals – endocrinologists, general practitioners, nephrologists, cardiologists and other specialists, as well as nurses, academic staff of R?ga Stradi?š University and the University of Latvia, representatives of the medical scientific institutions, the Ministry of Health, Health Statistics and Medical Technologies State Agency, Health Compulsory Insurance State Agency, State Medicines Pricing and Reimbursement Agency, Health Statistics and Medical Technologies State Agency. Prior to the scientific conference, a press conference took place. The information about the event was published by all Latvian medical portals as well as by various media, including the central daily newspaper of the highest circulation in Latvia.


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