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The CIRS Scale (Chronic Illness Resources Survey)


This tool has been validated in different regions of the world and in very diverse patient populations (30). Its principal advantage is that its scoring scale defines the extent to which organs and systems are affected, without referring to specific diseases (Table 3). Despite its validity and reliability, however, there are few references to its use in research studies.

Table 3: Cumulative Illness Rating Score


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19/03/2012 Conchi Candela
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Creo que esta escala ayuda a la visión no específica de un órgano, p.e. corazón, ya que lo valora en grado de afectación, sin atender a Insuficiencia cardiaca

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Esta herramienta me crea duda, al no estar especificados los grados de afectación de cada órgano/sistema ¿no puede tener cierto sesgo de subjetividad?

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