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Editorial Policy

OPIMEC project is promoted by the Directorate General of Health Planning and Innovation (DGPeIS) of the Ministry of Health of the Government of Andalusia. OPIMEC development of actions have been identified in OPIMEC maintain a leadership position in the field of complex chronic diseases, preserve and promote a culture of continuous improvement, efficiency, excellence and innovation, and develop and promote participation of people , teams and organizations. 

These actions raised the creation of an editorial team to guide and support OPIMEC to ensure scientific and technical quality of its content and the participation of the Community.

In this sense, this proposal attempts to define the functions, organization and composition of the editorial team. 

The two main functions to be performed by the editorial team are: 

i. Definition and support on the identification, selection and display of OPIMEC content 

ii. Defining and supporting the creation and revitalization of the OPIMEC Community.

The content editing circuit is proposed: the editorial team would receive the content to be submitted for publication by OPIMEC members, declare its acceptance or rejection in the first instance, would select external reviewers in the case of practices and organizations , and ultimately decide its publication or not. 

Would require the power to order and content for publication, which does not release that are reviewed by external reviewers. 

The editorial team members and organizations that present practices for web publishing of OPIMEC not eligible for review. The outcome of the review will be made public and if positive will determine its immediate publication. In case of refusal or absence of consensus, the Executive Committee who will decide on its publication or definifiva. 

The relations between creators, reviewers, readers and members of Team OPIMEC editorial remit. 

The editorial team should be guided by protocols established and their own judgments about unforeseen issues, taking its decisions by a majority of its members. In case of urgency, the project coordinator may decide on the contents of the Web. 

The editorial board is a body that is autonomous in its fields of competence, but must report their activity to the Executive Committee OPIMEC. 

The editorial team members must be discharged in OPIMEC platform. Form a team which will have a Community OPIMEC semi shared work space ( This space will be boosted by the editorial team coordinator with the support of the person managing the Web.

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