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RSS Subscription

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format for content distribution over the Internet. They are used to alert the user when a section of the website has added new information. In this way the user does not have to watch the content on that page again, but who is the RSS updates and sends that information to your readers. In addition the user has the option to select the RSS feeds. The RSS has an owner, a description of the content and a link to access the section of the Web with more information.

RSS Availables

The Observatory of Innovative Practices for Chronic Disease Management offers through syndicated content updates of all our sections.

Where can we get RSS readers?

A RSS reader is a software that converts the bits and bytes that make up a syndicated content and turns it into text readable by users. There are many RSS readers to choose from, both free and paid. Some of these are,

From a a reader or RSS aggregator

There are many readers who allow read the latest information incorporated into different sections, among others:

From your browser

Some browsers (like Firefox or Internet Explorer 7) allow you to view and subscribe to RSS feeds offered by various Web sites. One of the many lists of RSS readers can be found.

One of the many lists of RSS readers can be found in

How do we know that a Web offers syndicated content?

Any Web site showing the orange RSS icon provides syndicated content to which you can subscribe.

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A mi me cuesta un poco manejar la plataforma es un poco lio y hay tanta información que al final te pierdes.

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Nunca había trabajado con RSS

Habra que trabajarlo y descargarse alguno de los decodificadores.

¿ Es muy necesario trabajar con RSS ?

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No me ha quedado muy claro si es imprescindible suscribirse a un RRS para el total aprovechamiento del curso, o los Comentarios pueden ser leídos sin esta suscripción.

Me descargué el navegador Google Chrome para poder realizarla, siguiendo la recomendación de descargar a su vez una extensión, pero después he leído que con Firefox era suficiente, con lo que no he llegado a ejecutarla.

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muy complicado para mi

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Opino igual algo complicado si que es se lo diré a mi sobrina de 12 años seguro que lo entiende e instala  en un ,0

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Complicado, estoy de acuerdo con el compañero..pero bueno, es cuestión de intentarlo.

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