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One of the main goals of OPIMEC is the creation of a taxonomy that can act as a common language to support the identification, selection, classification and implementation of innovative practices for the management of chronic diseases. The use of a common language will establish the main characteristics of each practice, facilitating comparison with other experiences.

This collaborative taxonomy, global and alive is related to the chapter 'The Language of Polypathology' of the book "When people live with multiple chronic diseases: a collaborative approach to the emerging global challenge" and is inspired in large part on the version of
Krumholz taxonomy.

The following are terms related to complex chronic diseases, slide in a tree other related terms.

Existing comments

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Veo fundamental basarse en una taxonomía, que a su vez sirva para identificar o desarrollar una ontología que permita una representación unívoca del conocimiento relacionado con enfermedades crónicas. Será un paso fundamental para el desarrollo de herramientas de soporte a la decisión clínica y para la interoperabilidad semántica (son los temas a los que me dedico :-))))

¿Sabéis si existe algún mapeo entre la taxonomía de Krumholz y Snomed CT?




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