Comments of Complex Chronic Disease Taxonomy


The first version of this taxonomy was developed by Alex Jadad, Francisco Martos and Jessie Venegas, receiving contributions from Jackie Bender, Andrés Cabrera, Maria Teresa Gijón, Diana Gosálvez, Laura O'Grady, Jennifer Painter, Peter Sargious and Ross Upshur.

The responsibility for content lies with the major contributors and not necessarily represent the views of the Andalusian Ministry or any other organization participating in this effort.


It is inspired by multiple sources and in large part on the taxonomy version from Krumholz HM, Currie PM, Riegel B, Phillips CO, Peterson ED, Smith R, Yancy CW, Faxon DP. "A taxonomy for disease management: A scientific statement from the American Heart Association Disease Management Taxonomy Writing Group." Circulation 2006; 114: 1432-1445.[10]

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Jadad AR*, Martos F*, Venegas J*, Bender J, Cabrera A, Gijon MT, Gosalvez D, O'Grady L, Painter J, Sargious P and Upshur R. [*Main contributors]. Collaborative, global and live taxonomy about complex chronic disease. Availabel at:

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