Comments of Terms of Reference and Code of Practice

Interactions with OPIMEC’s Executive Committee

Communications between IAG members and the executive leadership of OPIMEC will generally be through the project convener, except where the IAC has agreed that an individual member should act on its behalf.

The Executive Committee of OPIMEC, on behalf of the Andalusian Ministry of Health, makes appointments to the IAC.

Initial terms of appointment will usually be for 2 years. Members may be re-appointed to serve up to a maximum of 10 years.

Appointments may be terminated at members' request, or in the event of unsatisfactory attendance or conduct out of keeping with this code; or at the Ministry’s discretion.

The IAC will elect a Chairperson who will be responsible for providing effective leadership on the issues above. In addition, the chair is responsible for:

OPIMEC’s Executive Committee will support the IAC by assembling appropriate information and bringing issues of emerging concern to their attention.

A member of the Executive Committee will impartially record the proceedings of the IAC and its conclusions to maintain an audit trail of how conclusions have been reached.

The Executive Committee should ensure, jointly with the Convener and members, that the IAC does not exceed its remit.

The Executive Committee will be the main channel for communications between the IAC and the Andalusian Ministry of Health, except where it has been agreed that an individual member should act on the IAC's behalf.

The Executive Committee will keep a register of IAC members' declared interests.

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