Comments of Patient education and self-management support


Patrick McGowan wrote the draft of this chapter in English. Kate Lorig provided valuable ideas about the structure and main messages for the chapter. Alejandro Jadad approved the draft before it was made available online through the OPIMEC platform. This draft received important contributions from Esther Gil-Zorzo and Antonia Herraiz (in Spanish); Manuel Serrano (in English and Spanish); and Jackie Bender, Jennifer Jones, Maria Carmen Griñan Martinez and Manuel Armayones (in English). Alejandro Jadad incorporated such contributions into a revised version of the chapter, which was approved by Patrick McGowan, and the other contributors.

Responsibility for the content rests with the main contributors and does not necessarily represent the views of Junta de Andalucia or any other organization participating in this effort.


Juan Carlos Arbonies Ortiz made comments to the chapter (in Spanish) that did not lead to changes in its contents.

Manuel Serrano and other members of the Global Alliance for Self Management Support (GASMS) Working group wrote an earlier version of this chapter, which now appears at (link here). These members are: Robert Anderson, Julie Barlow, Jane Cooper, Hermes Florez, Anne Kennedy, Doriane Miller, Jim Philips, Anne Rogers, Judith Schaeffer, Warren Todd, Andy Turner.

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McGowan P*, Lorig K*, Jadad AR*, Armayones M, Bender J, Gil-Zorzo E, Griñán MC, Herráiz A,
Jones J, Serrano M. [*Main contributors] Patient Education and Self-management Support.
In: Jadad AR, Cabrera A, Martos F, Smith R, Lyons RF. When people live with multiple chronic
diseases: a collaborative approach to an emerging global challenge. Granada: Andalusian School of Public Health; 2010. Available at:

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