Comments of Chapter 9: Socioeconomic implications


Francisco Martos and Emilio Herrera wrote the first draft of this chapter in Spanish and approved its English translation. Alejandro Jadad revised the English translation extensively and approved it (with support from Francisco Martos) before its release for external contributions through the OPIMEC platform in both languages. Jaime Espín made important contributions, which Francisco Martos incorporated into a revised version of the chapter, which was approved by Emilio Herrera, and the other contributors. This version was further revised by Richard Smith. Alejandro Jadad made some additional modifications to the text and approved the final version that was included in the paper-based book.

Responsibility for the content rests with the contributors and does not necessarily represent the views of Junta de Andalucía or any other organization participating in this effort.


Narcis Gusi made insightful comments to the chapter that did not lead to changes to its contents.

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Martos F*, Herrera E*, Espín J, Jadad AR, Smith R. [*Main contributors] Socioeconomic
implications. In: Jadad AR, Cabrera A, Martos F, Smith R, Lyons RF. When people live with
multiple chronic diseases: a collaborative approach to an emerging global challenge. Granada:
Andalusian School of Public Health; 2010. Available at:



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