Comments of The Promise of genomics, robotics, informatics and nanotechnologies


Julio Lorca wrote the first draft of this chapter in Spanish and approved its English translation. Alejandro Jadad reviewed the English translation and edited it extensively. This version, which will be translated into Spanish, is currently going through the editing process that will lead to the launch of the book in early June of 2010.

Responsibility for the content rests with the main contributor and does not necessarily represent the views of Junta de Andalucia or any other organization participating in this effort.


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Lorca J*, Jadad AR. [*Main contributor] The Promise of Genomics, Robotics, Informatics and
Nanotechnologies (GRIN). In: Jadad AR, Cabrera A, Martos F, Smith R, Lyons RF. When people
live with multiple chronic diseases: a collaborative approach to an emerging global challenge.
Granada: Andalusian School of Public Health; 2010. Available at:

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