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Benefits And Side Effects of Jardiance Tablet


Benefits :

Jardiance 10mg is a drug that aids in the control of high blood glucose (sugar) levels. It works by assisting the kidneys in the elimination of blood glucose. Blood glucose levels must be decreased to properly control diabetes. If you can keep the level under control, a Jardiance 25 mg tablet will be required to reduce your risk of getting any of the serious complications of diabetes, such as kidney damage, eye damage, nerve damage, and amputation. This drug will reduce your chance of dying from type 2 diabetes if you have a history of cardiovascular disease. You can live a normal, healthy life if you take this medication on a regular basis and follow a healthy diet and exercise program. 

Side Effects :

The majority of side effects disappear once your body becomes accustomed to the medicine and no longer requires medical attention. Consult your doctor if they persist if you are concerned.

  • Nausea

  • Frequent urge to urinate

  • Increased thirst