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17th Annual Chronic Diseases Network Conference: "Self Management: A Partnership Approach”.

From Monday 09/09/2013 to Wednesday 10/07/2013 - Show description

Congreso Iberoamericano de Epidemiología y Salud Pública

From Wednesday 04/09/2013 to Friday 06/09/2013 - Show description

Presentaciones de la Jornada “Herramientas de abordaje de la atención a personas con enfermedades crónicas”

From Tuesday 03/09/2013 to Tuesday 03/09/2013 - Show description

Call for Experts. IMPLEMENT: EU Research Project on the Implementation of Chronic Care Improvements

From Sunday 01/09/2013 to Wednesday 30/09/2015 - Show description

Call for papers: The politics of non-communicable diseases in the global south

From Wednesday 28/08/2013 to Friday 30/08/2013 - Show description

Multiple Chronic Conditions Summer Symposium

From Tuesday 27/08/2013 to Tuesday 27/08/2013 - Show description

Briefing in Innovative Care Delivery Models for Medicare Patients

From Friday 26/07/2013 to Friday 26/07/2013 - Show description

III Jornadas Salud 2.0 Euskadi 2013

From Monday 08/07/2013 to Tuesday 09/07/2013 - Show description

VII Encuentro e-Salud y Telemedicina. Investigación e innovación TIC en el abordaje de la cronicidad

From Tuesday 02/07/2013 to Friday 05/07/2013 - Show description

2º Summer Course en Análisis de Redes Sociales y 2º Workshop de Investigación

From Wednesday 26/06/2013 to Thursday 28/03/2013 - Show description