The House of Care: Re-imagining primary care in Scotland

editor Equipo editorial — 24/01/2017

World Health Organization (WHO)

Summary: the problem

  • Focus within Scottish general practice on single disease processes and meeting seemingly-arbitrary targets meant patients felt as though their care was fragmented.
  • This focus also impacted staff morale: staff reported feeling feel burnt-out and disillusioned, which can affect recruitment and attrition.
  • Absence of strategic vision for primary care resulted in piecemeal policies that acted as band-aid solutions, without creating lasting change.

Solution Highlights

  • “House of Care” is a sequence of several interrelated, synergistic strategies, at the core of which is a patient-led care programme design.
  • Patients design their own care plan in consultation with practice nurses.
  • Patients report having more agency. Some patients report an improvement in biomedical markers, as well as overall wellbeing.
  • Staff morale appears to have increased.

Fragility, pluripathology/polipathology and/or complex chronic diseases



Counties across Scotland
Practices Map


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